Acid House Barcelona is a Cultural and Creative Hub for Business Innovation in Poblenou (22@). An initiative by Folch.

Hey, There's a new place in town

Acid House is a cultural and creative hub for business and innovation based in Barcelona. Acid House is here to explore, give shape and produce innovative and groundbreaking initiatives in education, interdisciplinary arts, music, business, design and technology. Our space is in the heart of Poblenou, in the creative and tech district of 22@. Now just a little patience: we’re opening early 2020.


“A new hub where culture, creativity, innovation and business will come together. For the 22@ district does not live by technology alone”

“Even though it’s supported by prestigious, successful and important companies, Acid House is here to be something different to a conventional educational institution.”

“It’s undeniable that we connect to teaching and learning most when it’s done in a way that’s engaging and fun and feels vitally connected to our lives—as well as being rigorous and critical. The Acid House program acknowledges this.”